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Mommy, Watch Your Mouth!

by Girlinprogress on March 8, 2012

I knew this day would come. Today was that day when my lack of restraint, patience and overall personal editing was held up to my face like a mirror.

When Greg and I picked Liv up from school today, she was sitting quietly and playing Lego’s with a friend.
We were greeted by Miss Kelsey, one of Livia’s sweet teachers who proceeded to tell me my daughter was “funny” today.

“Livia was playing earlier with the Lego’s and knocked over one of her lego towers.”
She (Livia) then yelled out “SON OF A BITCH!”
Greg just looked at my with a look that says “This is all on you.”

Miss Kelsey replied “Livia! What did you say?”
To which Livia replied “SHIT!”
To which Miss Kelsey replied, “Livia! What did you say?”
To which Livia responded, “Darn-it?”

“Ok. That’s what I thought you said.”

So part of my giggled just a little bit on the inside. I mean come on. It is kinda funny.
At least she didn’t drop the F-bomb.
But then the responsible parent kicks in and thinks “I really need to watch what I say around this kid.”
Ya, good luck with that.

My mirror has cracks.


Livia appreciates

“Mom, I appreciate if you would eat your treat balls. I’m gonna put “them” right here so you can share wis me okay?
Mom? I appreciate that you can eat ’em wis me.
She takes a bite of the white chocolate truffle.

I ask, “what’s inside Livia?”
“Is butter,” she says with a huge grin on her cute little face.



Little Person Reality Checks

Post image for Little Person Reality Checks

by Girlinprogress on January 14, 2010

Sometime while I am doing things around the house and not really paying attention to anything. I look up and am instantly yanked out of my daydreams  and see my child walking around the house and it just trips me out to see a little person walking around my house. Read More


Livi’s Day with “Datty”

December 4, 2009

I pretty much wanted to spend the day on the back of all of my ponies and since Livi is still to little to ride and Greg isn’t interested, Greg decided to go exploring. There is a “town”, a “dot on google” that is called Lakeside. Frankly I am not even sure how to get […]

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Little Livi Moments

October 27, 2009

She is 13 months old and she is getting to be so fun. The last day it seems like she has grown leaps and bounds. She actually took six steps on her own on Sunday and I think that was the confidence booster she needed, because last night, she standing on her own and dancing. Then she would walk back and forth on her own between Greg.

She is so damn cute, I swear I could eat her up.

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Livi’s Favorite Game

October 21, 2009

The Bait The Hook The Attack

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Livia at the age of one.

October 16, 2009

This was my first favorite photo of you. I think you look like  a little elfin baby.

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