A Little Freaked Out

This whole Swine Flu thing is freaking me out today.
They just confirmed several cases here in Utah and that has just a hit a little too close to home for me.
I think I am going into lock down mode.


Am I overreacting considering I have a 7 month old baby? 


Greg flew home from Vegas last night and some dumb ass on the shuttle sneezed several times without covering his mouth and nose.
First of all WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?  And secondly, how effing stupid are you?
Considering this sneeze incident, I am even more paranoid now.
Does anyone know how long after exposure symptoms can show up?

UPDATE: This is helpful – http://tiny.cc/jq1xy


Did I mention I was freaked out?

Panzanella – AKA Bread Salad – My Favorite

So I am not the best bread maker in the world.  Honestly it’s rare I end up with a picture perfect loaf. Most of the time I end up with loaves that have fallen, especially when I try an all whole wheat. Sometimes I make a perfect door stop. Anyway, needless to say I have disposable bread on hand. That’s were this yummy salad comes in.
I personally think it’s better with the whole wheat. It gets a really rich flavor when you toast it up.


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Welcome to your new life.

Starting my day by heading to Wal-Mart with a baby in tow is not where I thought I would be right now.
My job, like so many others already have, has ended. I am not really dealing with it very well.
A job has never defined me really, but it has given me purpose. It’s given me power. It’s given me confidence.
I have always been able to provide for myself and while my family will be fine, I don’t like giving up that power. I feel vulnerable and frankly, weak. Not words I like to define myself by.
Look, I know there are many out there that say mothering is the most difficult job there it. I am not going to argue that at all. It’s a bitch sometimes. You give up freedom, SLEEP, spontaneity, showers on a regular basis, a sex life, etc. I know that I have a job raising Livi and that it’s more important than anything else I can be doing right now, but why don’t I believe that yet? I SUCK.
Why do I respect other homemaker’s but yet don’t want that title? Maybe I am just lying to myself when I say that I do. Again, I seriously SUCK.
Welcome to your new life.