Freeway Takes on Cancer

Freeway above the plane

Anyone who knows me well knows how much of an animal lover and advocate I am.
I tend to like and trust them more then people. I fall pretty hard. Which really sucks when there are days like today.

Today, Freeway had a tumor removed from her backside. The vet really had to hack into her.
The tumor is of the mast cell variety and it turned out to be malignant. We won’t know what grade until the end of the week.
While I know this is not an immediate death sentence, the word cancer makes you feel a little panicky and hopeless initially. But, then there’s the hopeful part of me that’ thinking “She is only 7. She will be just fine.”

Who wouldn't love this face

Unfortunately, many dogs Freeway’s age start to have health issues. Some minor, some major. I have to face the fact that she is 7 and that means we are entering in to a whole knew level of commitment.
Seven is 49 in human years right? Ok, I still think that’s young.
Either way, I made a commitment to this little dog when I picked her beat up and malnourished body from a grove of oleander bushes in the middle of I-15 in Vegas. (More on that here)

Freeway - So cute

It’s so damn unfair that we can’t have our animals healthy and with us throughout our lives.
But maybe it’s a blessing for those animals who are neglected and abused.
Sadly there are probably more of them than those like my dogs who have a great life and are well cared for.


That’s the rub I guess. Maybe Freeway knows that and would gladly give up her space so I can “save” another one. I’m not ready for that yet and she isn’t either.

Freeway road trip dog

She is going to be fine! Positive energy little dog. Livi needs you and so do I and you know Jack would be lost without you!
I will do whatever it takes until she let’s me know when she is ready. She is part of our family and very much loved.

Me, Livi, Freeway and Jack - 4th of July - Duck Creek -2010

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