John Denver and Guitars

When I think of John Denver, I think of super cheesy songs. “Sunshine on My Shoulder’s” and “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.” Nauseating.

So last night I was putting Livi down for the night and Greg says “I left the TV paused. Kim’s brother is on TV.”
“Huh?” (Inside joke.)
It was a remembrance of John Denver. (Eye roll)
So I sat and watched and was surprisingly struck.

It was “Annie’s Song.” I stopped with the sarcasm and really listened.
The melody, the lyrics and the 12 string acoustic guitar voicing’s were gorgeous.

I watched the whole program and while I am still not a huge fan of “Country Boy,” so many of Denver’s songs are so beautifully constructed.

The show wrapped up with a song called “This Old Guitar.”
This really got me. Tears and everything.
Go ahead. Roll the eyes.

I have always thought of my guitar as a living creature. Let’s face it, it captures all the energy that is coming out of whoever is strumming it, writing songs with it, venting with it, emoting with it, etc.

I feel so guilty that mine spends most of its time in it’s “box.”
When I finally get brave and pull it out, it feels a little foreign to me.
Maybe its emoting back. Pissed off that I have barely touched it in 10 years.

Someday Martin, someday I will figure this “thing” out.

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  1. I have an old Martin that spends too much time in the case, too. I was never a huge Denver fan either, but I like him better now. I always loved “This Old Guitar”
    I’m not rolling my eyes. He got to me as we’ll. Just don’t tell my brother.

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