Livia at the age of one.

This was my first favorite photo of you. I think you look like  a little elfin baby.

Early on, mommy liked to take picture with things on your head.

You love to chase your dogs around in your walker. You laugh so hard.  It makes your dad and I laugh hard too.
You really love your dogs though.

You love, love, love tomatoes. You see them on the vine and say “mmmmm.” You like to pull them right off and stick them in your mouth. But if they aren’t sweet, you immediately spit them out. Smart girl!

You are a total carnivore. Your first foray into meat was Pork and you LOVED it.

You pretty much eat anything we are eating, unless its very spicy…which I have really had to watch 🙂

You LOVE fruit.

You first word was “datty. Which is appropriate since you are such a daddy’s girl.

” Your second word was Jack – “Dack.”  Then, “Hi”, “Pretty,” “Dat!”, which equates to “That!” and “Grandpa.”  I am still waiting for mommy or anything close to it. Ya Little traitor.

You love music and you love to dance.

Favorite song is  “You’re good for me” by Sonnet. Every time it comes on, you look up, smile and say “Ohhhhhh!”

You love to sing “Oh McDonald Had a Farm”, but only sing “E I E I E I E I E I…”

You like praying mantis’ – We walk through the yard calling “Mantis.”

You have built in rhythm and can bounce to the beat of any song you like….which are limited too “Gold Digger” and “Ordinary”….we gotta expose you to some other music 😉

You love to ride on the riding lawn mower ahd help datty mow.

Lawn mower Livi

You hate prickly grass on your skin, but LOVE to be outside.  Crying at the thought of going into the house when you are not done playing/investigating outside.

You love to surprise mommy with little doggie doo trophies held high in the air and mouse turddlets in your mouth…..eeeeiiiiiiickkkyyyy.

Riding on the ATV in the  baby bjorn is a great past-time.

It’s 12.5 months and you have officially only slept 3 nights through.

You learned how to climbdown stairs 2 months ago and use the same “back in” technique to go from our concrete to the grass…funny but safe non-the-less.

Anything technology related is a curiosity impossible to resist.

Livi Surfing The Web

You love to stir, stir, stir and are fascinated by cooking.

You wish the whole day could be “bath time” for Livia.   When it’s bath time we are reduced to singing “Bath time for Doer, bath time for Doo.” Once in the tub, we bust out a pretty good version of “Rubber Ducky.”

You like to blow raspberries. You like to make all kinds of noises with your mouth.

You have four teeth and are working on 2 molars.

Currently anything that is exciting is “Huhhhhh……Oooooohhhhhh.”

You are bound and determined to eat with a utensil and by yourself. Your actually pretty good at it.

You like to drink water. You love ice cubes.

You can kinda drink through a straw.

You are almost walking. You are down to holding on to one hand only.

You love books. You really like “Good Night Moon.”

You have so many nicknames, I am not sure you know your name.
This is how it started:

Livi Lou, Dibi Dou, LuLu, Doo Doo, Doer, Dibby Dooster, Doot Doot, Nu Nu, Noonie,  Baby Love.  For the record, your name is Livia Grace Gerber.

When I ask for a kiss, you place your forehead on my lips.

You are very independent.  When you don’t get what you want you hold both your hands up in the air, clench your fists and yell “Eeeeeeeeeee.”

You like Yo Gabba Gabba, The Fresh Beat Band, Olivia, Sponge Bob and Little Einsteins all of which I wake up with one of the theme songs in my head in the middle of the night.

I am desperately trying to infect you with the horse bug, but you are just not to sure about them yet. Although, they seem to like you.

Livi, you were a very big surprise and a huge life changer, but I am happy you chose us as your parents. You have taught us so much. You have especially taught me so many things about myself and I expect that to continue.

We love you baby Nu Nu.

Oh and sorry I am and late on getting this posted, but you kinda keep me busy 🙂

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  1. Livi Lou…we love you! Don’t forget you got those booty bouncin genes from your Aunt Carly 🙂

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