Livi’s First Day at Daycare

Livi through my hair.

I was all excited to start Livi in daycare. Excited for some freedom, excited for her to play with little people and to socialize. And then the reality of dropping her off and LEAVING HER hit me today.

I freaked out a bit.
What if she get’s scared? What if cries the whole time? What is she think we abandoned her?

We took her into the toddler room and she immediately walked over to the toys and started playing and I immediately started to second guess everything.
It got worse when we snuck out the door and Greg said, “I think she just started to cry.”
PANIC! Knot in my stomach.

I started to cry and started to thin, “Forget this. I will be a stay at home mom. I don’t need to work.”

I have such intense feelings of guilt. So stupid.
I know this is good for her. I know she needs this. Then why do I feel so guilty.

Man, I NEVER thought I would feel this way. I never thought I would feel so fiercely protective over a human.
How did I get here? Oh wait, don’t answer that 🙂

Livi Lou. For your future information, this was damn hard on me today. Probably harder then it was one you.

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