My Dog Freeway

How could you not love this face?









About six years ago, I was still working in Vegas during the week for an online travel company. I would stay with my sister and then head home to Cedar for the weekend.


One night in February while I was headed to my sisters after work I was headed North on I-15. I was between the Washington and Cheyenne exit in the passing lane, for those of you from Vegas, and out of the corner of my eye could have sworn I saw a dog tucked back into some Oleander bushed in the median.


It was dark out and I was going at least 65mph.  I kept driving while having the conversation in my head….”did I just see a dog? No.  No way, just keep driving.  No, I really think that was  dog.” So I got off on the next exit to head South and then to catch the next exist to head back North.


This time, I pulled over where I thought I saw this dog and opened my door.

Sure enough, as soon as I pulled over, this little red dog comes crawling out from the bushes. She started to head for the front of the car. At this point I am freaking out because she is headed towards I-15.

I look over towards the road and see what is left of a dog. OMG! I fell back into my seat, buried my face in my hands and started to bawl my head off. Then I felt this little nudge on my leg. I looked down and here is this little dog peaking around the opening of the door.


I got out of the car and she just cowered and looked at me with those ridiculously sweet eyes. I picked her up and placed her in the passengers seat. She started to lick my hand as if to say “thank you, thank you”. I am still bawling as I merge back into traffic and start to put together what happened to the other dog that I saw in the road.

I am guessing that the two were together and the poor one in the road went first and obviously didn’t make it.

This little red dog didn’t escape unharmed however, but somehow she made it back to the median with what would later be a broken tail and a broken hind leg.


After 48 hours at the vet’s I took her to my sisters with me.  She was skin and bones and not fixed, but after six weeks, she was almost as good as new.
At this point I really didn’t want to give her up, but since I was staying at my sisters, who already had two dogs, I thought it would be best if I could find her a home. But after a few weeks with her, there was no way I could give her up and my sister was kind enough to let me keep her there while I was in Vegas.

The cutest dog in all the land

Freeway, as she was affectionately named, was and is a great road trip dog. She was great company for me when I would drive back to Cedar on the weekends and now, I can’t imagine not having her.


I love this dog so much is scary.  I am so lucky she came into my life. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

I really believe that animals know when you “save” them. I have seen it with Freeway and with my horse Sammy (RIP) – more on her later.


The moral of this story; stop and help an animal if it’s in harms way. It’s good Karma and that animal will repay you with unconditional love if you decide to keep it. The other moral(s) of this story are;  get your damn animals fixed and put tags on them people. It’s not that expensive and if you are going to have an animal, then be responsible for them. They do not have a voice and more importantly, they are not disposable.


Now, a few things about Freeway. The greatest dog in all the land.

  • She is a Heinz 57 – possibly a pit bull or boxer mixed with, who knows.
  • She smells like corn nuts.
  • She actually nursed a baby kitten. Seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  • I love to spoon with her.
  • She has a very strong will. Kind of like her owner 🙂
  • She has several nicknames: Feeway, Feewee, Feeway Cute, Little dog. Pathetic, I know.
  • She is snoring as I write this.

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