I am definitely getting further from personal goals. My health is taking a back seat. I am to tired and stressed out to work out but I need to work out to fight the stress.

I know one this is for sure, I can’t keep this up and I can’t keep getting fatter.
Something’s gotta give.

2 Replies to “Stressed”

  1. I think you need to focus on you dude…if the other thing is too much…then it’s too much..break the cycle now before it’s too late.

  2. Believe it or not I made a new year’s resolution dealing with this exact subject. For the year 2010 it’s “All about Cindy”! I have spent years giving to everyone but myself and now with 20 lbs of extra weight to lose I decided that I would focus on getting myself happy and healthy again. It’s a bit easier for me though since I have only myself and Rick to think about. Maybe you could designate one entire day a week to yourself and try to fit in 1/2 hour on 2-3 other days. This might be a possibility. Good luck. Keep in mind…if you’re not healthy, neither is your family.

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