Toxic Assets

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This term is typically used to describe bad assets that are in one’s financial portfolio.
The kinds I am talking about are the personal ones; the negative energy, the bad attitude, insecurity, stubbornness, self absorption, the need to be right, blaming others.

Assets that dominate every single conversation you have with someone; assets that you carry like an albatross around your neck. The ones that you project on to others and make them not want to be around you; not want to include you.
Who wants to be around Debbie downer all time, right?

It’s exhausting and frustrating when you are on the receiving end.

I have been both the “giver” (notice the tagline of this blog) and “receiver” of  such assets.
It sucks from both sides.
It sucks the energy from the room. It prevents one from having the inner dialogue which leads to personal growth.
It causes one to deflect and project.

But most of all, it provides so much negative internal dialogue that we can’t get out of our own way. We subconsciously sabotage ourselves. We allow others to steal our happiness.
We blame other for our misery and therefore continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.
We should be looking at the common denominator…. OURSELVES.

Get over it! Deal with the issues and move on.
You are missing out on life. You are missing out on happiness. You are missing out on opportunities.
All you will be left with is regret and not much of a support system because people don’t want to be around the “negative shit” all the time.

One of my closest friends asked me how I was while we were having dinner in Vegas many years ago.
I replied with my typical response during that time in my life, which was negative.
She said, “Are you ever happy? Every time we are together our conversations always seem to be about you being unhappy.”
Talk about a slap in the face.

While she does not know this, it was just what I needed to hear from someone who I love and respect. It helped me start the inner dialogue that I needed to have with myself about why my “go-to” was complaining and negativity. It also made me realize just how I impacted others.
I was an energy sucker.

We are all guilty of having moments when we negatively spiral out of control and just need to vent. But when it becomes the norm, that’s when there is a problem.
You don’t even realize that you are pushing people away; people who love and support you.

Life is short. Too short to waste on all the ways you have been wronged.
Here’s a thought.
Maybe we should spend the energy we invest into “all things negative” into how to we might learn the big lessons we have to learn while we are here.
Get out of your own way.
Stop making excuses. Stop blaming everyone else.
Don’t you want to be your own champion? Don’t you want to prove to yourself that you can overcome and be happy?

Crazy talk right?

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